Aluminm Pool Fences Murfreesboro Mt Juliet

Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

Aluminum fencing is a sturdy, decorative and maintenance-free choice. This type of fencing will remain beautiful for years to come and is the perfect pool safety fence.

PHOTOS: check out some fences in the Mt. Juliet and Franklin area.

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We generally sell and install Alumi-Guard Fences and Fencing. Alumi-Guard is made in the USA and comes in seven standard colors, Black, White, Grey, Florida Bronze, Light Bronze, Green and Beige.

Using the latest technology and cutting edge manufacturing techniques to ensure the highest quality product, Alumi-Guard offers a limited lifetime warranty on all standard items.
Located in Brooksville, Florida, Alumi-Guard is a leading manufacturer of quality aluminum fence and rail products.

Check out more about the fences and gates on Almi-Guard’s website. You can also customize your aluminum fence by changing out the finials on top of your pickets.

If you currently have an aluminum fence and need an addition or repair, we can get any type of aluminum fence you have or prefer. If you have a small dog or puppies you can order a style with double pickets or order some puppy panels that attach to your current aluminum fence. Pick from several different styles of Alumi-Guard Fence:

Ascot 3 Channel Aluminum Fences and Fencing
Ascot Royal Aluminum Fencing and Fences
Ascot Puppy-Picket Fences and Fencing
Belmont Alumi-Guard Fence Style
Belmont Royal Aluminum Fencing Style
Blemont Puppy-Picket Fencing
Canterbury Aluminum Fences by Alumi-Guard
Hamilton Fencing Style
Newcastle I Fences
Newcastle II Fencing by Alumi-Guard
Victoria Quad Finial Fence
Aluminum Gates
Aluminum Fence Gates

Not all aluminum is made the same, this is especially true for Aluminum Gates. The aluminum fence we install comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defect and reinforced gates. Although this does not cover wear and tear, in most cases the hardware on the gate will be the only thing you will ever need to replace.

One key difference between what we install and what others install are our reinforced gates. Some of our competitors will install what is essentially a fence panel turned into a gate. These gates will not stand up to the daily wear and tear a gate receives.

Our gates are reinforced aluminum to stand up to the daily grind some fence gates receive. Reinforced gates are far superior.

Aluminum vs Iron

Aluminum and Iron fencing are similar in appearance and function. The main differences are in construction and performance. MT Fence & Deck only does Aluminum Fencing currently, if you have or want iron fencing please try a welder / iron worker.