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All fence companies are NOT the same.

The most accurate quote we can give is for you to schedule a convenient time for one of our representatives to meet with you. We will measure your project, discuss any project details with you, such as what type of fence will look best and work best for your specific project.

Sometimes we need to get a quote from our vendor when quoting a project. This allows us to pass on the best prices for your project materials. If you are not given a quote on your first appointment your representative will follow up with you within a few days.

CONTACT US NOW: (615) 890-9144 or (931) 394-3400 or email us at admin@mtfencedeck.com

We have many ways you can get a quote. If you are not ready for someone to come to your site or you are certain of the dimensions of your project, you can get a phone quote by calling: (615) 890-9144 or (931)-454-1913.

You can also fill out our web form here: www.midtennfencing.com/contact.html or you can email us at admin@mtfencedeck.com. You can even draw it out on paper, with measurements, and fax it to us at 615-890-9179 or (931)-455-5050!

You’ll never regret doing it right the first time!

Contract / Deposit / Yard Staked

After you decide to go with us, your MT Fence & Deck representative will arrange for another convenient time to meet with you to sign a contract. This contract is designed to protect both you as a consumer and us as a fence company. The contract spells out what you will be responsible for and what we will be responsible for.

Your MT Fence representative will go over the contract with you, please feel free to take as much time as you need to read through the contract before signing.

Once you sign the contract we will need a 50% down payment. This down payment goes towards the purchase of material for your project.

We do have some customers who provide their own materials. If you have your own material then we will not need a 50% down payment before beginning your project, only a signed contract.

During this appointment your representative will walk off the fence boundaries with you and will place wooden stakes at the ends, corners and gates of your proposed fence line. The installation crew will go by these stakes when they install your fence.

If any of these stakes are missing (hit by a mower, chewed by your dog, removed by your toddler, etc.) please place them back in the same spot. If you are unable to do this, please call our office so that we can come back to re-stake the fence line.

Property Lines, Easements, HOA and other Placement Issues

The homeowner or property owner accepts full responsibility for any issues which may arise due to property line disputes or other issues associated with fence placement. Please have your yard surveyed if you are not sure where your property lines are. Our contract states we will put the fence where you ask us to but we will not move it free of charge if it is in the wrong place.

Once you sign the contract and we receive a deposit then we will order your materials. We do not keep material in stock. Material can take anywhere from one to four weeks to arrive, however some customer orders can take even longer.

Marking Underground Utilities

Once we receive your material we will call to have your yard marked by the public utilities companies. If we are replacing an existing fence then we do not need to call to have the area marked and we skip straight to scheduling your job.

Tennessee State Law requires us to notify Tennessee One Call before digging Tennessee One Call any new post holes. It can take up to three days for them to come out to mark your property and is only good for a limited amount of time, therefore we wait until after we have received your material to have your property marked.

Tennessee One Call will come to your site and mark underground utilities such as gas, cable & electric with paint or flags. They will not mark utilities which are not considered public, such as pool lines, sprinkler systems, septic tanks, electric running to pools or out buildings, etc. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU show our representative any of these possible underground obstacles which may be present in your yard, our contract states that MIDTENNT FENCE & DECK WILL NOT be responsible for any damage caused by non-public utilities.

Scheduling Your Project

We schedule projects daily, after we receive clearance from Tennessee One Call (if necessary) and we receive materials.

If you have a repair it could be anywhere from one to four weeks before completion. Repair jobs are scheduled when we have enough of them to create a whole days worth of work.

Once your job has been scheduled there are a couple of things that can delay the start date, the number one thing that can delay the installation at this point is the weather. During the spring the weather is very volatile and sporadic. Pop up thundershowers are the norm for the south. Radar for Tennessee It can be raining in one county and completely dry in the other.

It is our policy not to have our crews working during thundershowers. We keep a close eye on the weather and if the shower will pass the crew will wait and then keep working. A delay in any project means there is a domino delay to all projects.

We welcome all customers to postpone any installation or repair if they believe the ground is too wet to install or repair the fence without causing damage to the lawn.

During peak season (April – September ) it can run anywhere from one to five weeks before your project is completed.
Installation or Repair Work Done

If you have a repair one or two crew members from MT Fence & Deck will come to your site to fix the repair. For repairs under $500 we generally do not require a deposit. A crew member(s) may ask you to sign a contract and/or a work order before they begin your project, if you have not already done so. They will then complete the work and will generally pick up a check from you after completion.

If we are putting up a new fence, replacing an existing fence, building a deck, pergola or gazebo we try to contact you at the beginning of the week your job is scheduled for. If you are waiting and have any questions you can always call the office at (615) 890-9144 or (931)-454-1913.

The crew will try to contact you on the day they are scheduled to begin your project. Sometimes we can complete your project in a day other times it may span over several days. Many factors determine this including what day your project was started on, weather delays, and concrete drying times.

Our crew members are hired because they are experienced, knowledgeable and customer service oriented. Please feel free to ask them any questions you may have about your project. Once the job is complete, they will also clean up any trash from the installation and inspect all aspects of the project.


Generally, your representative will make arrangements to stop by after your job is complete to review your project with you, take some pictures and pick up any remaining payment. Outstanding balances are due within 5 days of completion. We may ask you to give your payment t2o our installation crew, who can provide you with a receipt if necessary. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. In some cases we can even help you arrange for financing.


In the event there is anything not satisfactory on the job it must be reported to our office within seventy-two (72) hours of when the crew finishes the work. Please do not wait to inform us of any issues that may arise during your project.

If there are issues regarding your installation or repair, your representative will arrange a time to come out and meet with you to discuss any changes that need to be addressed. Any subsequent changes will only be made when you can be present to approve the work.

CONTACT US NOW: (615) 890-9144 or (931) 394-3400 or email us at admin@mtfencedeck.com

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