Basics of Deck Building


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Creating a deck area for your home gives you a permanent space to enjoy food, and entertain your friends and family. For those homeowners who have that do-it-yourself mentality, an average deck—approximately 12 by 24 feet—can be installed over the span of a couple of weekends if you have decent carpentry skills and a few friends to help. Just having the tools and the help isn’t enough; learn about the basics of deck building with this information compiled by the experts at M.T. Fence and Deck.

Where will your deck be placed?

Many homes have a deck attached to the rear or side of the house. Decks typically are placed just off the kitchen or dining room, so that the eating and entertaining area can be extended. When deciding on the location of your deck, several factors should be considered. These include the amount of sun and shade your deck will be exposed to, its exposure to wind and weather, and its placement in relation to any neighbors.

How big should your deck be?

The dimensions of any deck should be built in proportion to the size of your home—and also according to your construction skills. Typically, decks are built in increments of 2 feet because building materials are sold in even lengths in feet. The price of lumber varies by market, but 12-foot boards often are the most cost-effective—when determining the average cost per linear foot. Your deck also does not have to be a finished project representing your ideal for your outdoor space. If you envision an elaborate or multi-level deck, for example, you can build the initial level now, then make additions in increments or hire a professional deck construction company like M.T. Fence and Deck to do the more elaborate parts of the job.

Know your local regulations

Many cities, towns, and municipalities require that you obtain a building permit before working on an addition like a deck. Check the building codes and your regulations to determine what specifically is needed in your area. We also recommend contacting your local utility companies so that any buried underground cables and lines, as well as septic tanks, can be identified and located.

Sweat the small stuff

Building a deck is one instance where small details can matter a great deal. Does your house already offer potential access to your new prospective deck? If not, you will need to install a door—preferably one that gives you a view of your new outdoor space and opens directly to it. M.T. Fence and Deck suggests any doors be installed before deck construction begins. Also, be sure you account for multiple access points to your deck—either in the form of steps to the yard, or a patio to serve as a transitional space from the deck to the yard. You also need to consider safety features such as railings.

Deck building in Murfreesboro

Maybe you have started a deck project but run into trouble, or you lack the skill to make your dream deck a reality. Or, perhaps you just want to let the pros do the entire job for you. Whatever the situation with your deck, the professionals at M.T. Fence and Deck can help. Our team has experience working with all kinds of materials and building an assortment of decks to fit your architectural and aesthetic desires. We also offer free estimates and can help in determining the right style and material for your decking project. Schedule your free estimate today by calling our office at (931) 394-3400.

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