Deck Maintenance – Don’t let Moisture Wreck your Deck!


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Sitting on your deck in the spring and summer is a pleasure we can all enjoy. Whether you use your deck for parties, a sitting space for your family, sipping tea while people-watching, or grilling a nice juicy steak, you probably spend a great deal of the warmer months enjoying your outdoor space. This outdoor space, like every other part of your home, needs upkeep. And while summers here in Middle Tennessee are quite hot, we still can get enough rain that could ruin your deck if you aren’t careful. M.T. Fence & Deck has some helpful tips to prevent moisture from wrecking your deck.

How does moisture threaten your deck?

  • Cracked Boards: The wood on your deck may crack or split. That doesn’t mean it’s water damaged. Sometimes, that’s just how it goes, but water and the elements can contribute to cracked boards. Once water hits the wood, it will sneak into the board’s cracks and crevices, where it expands the wood. Once the wood dries out, it shrinks, contributing to the formation of cracks and splits. If the boards in your deck already had minor damage, it will make the damage worse. Over time, can warp the wood because of the constant shrinking and expanding. The only way to prevent further damage is to replace and reseal the boards.
  • Mold and Mildew: The Nashville deck professionals at M.T. Fence & Deck believe that the most obvious kind of damage is mold or mildew. Once you’ve found a damp, dark spot where fungi and mildew are feeding on your wood, some damage already has been done. This happens more frequently in shaded areas and under rugs or planters. This now-spongy wood will act like bug bait. Keeping an eye on areas that are shaded, covered, or already discolored is an easy way to make sure you catch any damage early. An ugly green spot quickly can turn into broken, compromised wood.
  • Missing or Weakened Hardware: Sometimes, the wood in your deck doesn’t have a visible problem. In many cases, a piece of wood can be damaged on the underside or may just be aged and will crack only around nails or screws. These missing bits now can be filled with water. A missing screw is a simple fix, but a ledger board can be trickier. Your ledger board is what keeps your deck attached to your home. If water collects on this board, it can ruin it. A rusted or weakened ledger will pull on your home. That can cause mildew, sheathing discoloration, or rot on the frame of your house. It even can lead to a collapsed deck in the most severe scenario. M.T. Fence & Deck believes doing a visual check of the hardware should be a part of your regular maintenance plan.

Deck Maintenance and Repair in Murfreesboro

Sealing your lumber, having pressure-treated wood and resealing your deck annually are the best ways to prevent water damage. Don’t let the elements get into your cracks and crevices. Allow our professionals at M.T. Fence & Deck to help you keep your deck its safest and best-looking. If you’re located in the Murfreesboro, Hermitage, or Nashville, TN, areas, contact M.T. Fence & Deck at (931) 224-7186 for all of your deck-related needs.

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