Is your Deck ready for Spring

Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

When the weather gets warm and you begin to feel that urge to step out onto your deck, will you be ready for what you see? Has winter tarnished your outdoor space? M.T. Fence & Deck, deck contractors in Nashville, wants to help. Here are a couple of quick tips you can follow to get your deck as cozy and habitable as the inside of your home.

First, you should always check the structure of your deck, especially if it is wooden

Redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated woods are all more susceptible to mildew, rot, and popped out nails.

Here’s a simple checklist to make sure your deck is ship shape:

  • No lag screws in the ledger board – Improperly fashioned ledger can cause your deck to detach from your house and fall
  • No missing nails in your joist hangers – Every one of those very holey joist hangers should have a nail in it
  • No rotten or rotted deck posts – Spongy or rotten deck posts or footings can cause a deck to collapse
  • Bad post connections
  • Check the ledger flashing – It keeps water from seeping behind the ledger and damaging it. Any type of damage to the ledger, which plays a pivotal role in the total supportive strength of the deck, could lead to the failure of the entire structure and even a catastrophic collapse of your deck

Specific warning signs include any wiggle in your deck, or rickety rail posts, which could lead to a nasty fall.

Second, check for deck rot

You’ve already checked the posts, but any rotten spots can pose a potential danger to you or your guests. Rot can come in many variations. Are there any soft spots, unusual colors, loose boards, or areas with splintering wood? If so, there’s a simple solution: replace it. Cut off the areas of rotten wood and replace them with new boards. Then consider if the rot is extensive possibly replacing the parts if they pose a threat to your deck’s structural integrity.

Third, clean your deck

This doesn’t mean just picking up any winter debris. Look for mildew or flaked surfaces. Cleaning your deck can be expensive if you pay someone to do it, but it’s actually simple if you do it yourself. Mildew is not as much of a threat to the structure as rot, but still a concern. However, mildew also is easier to treat. If you see any areas of mildew on your wood, you should use a wood cleaner that is made for the stain you used, although bleach will help get rid of the problem in a bind. Cleaning with a pressure washer can give your deck a fresh start to a new year of use. Now that you’ve cleaned up the deck, did you notice any flaking or have there been patches of not-so-fresh stain? Part of cleaning your deck is keeping up its stain. It’s very common to need a fresh coat of deck stain every couple of years or so, although the frequency may change due to the outdoor elements.

Is it time for an upgrade?

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a new grill or furniture. Upgrading your deck can be as simple as placing some fresh plants in a planter, a couple of throws, or some new lighting. Although enhancing your outdoor space is not necessary, it can be the easiest and most enjoyable part of putting the finishing touches on your deck.

Deck repair and maintenance in Murfreesboro

Working on your deck can be daunting. Knowing the problem is the first step in making sure you get a lifetime of joy out of your deck. However, if you have further concerns about whether or not your deck is ready for spring, or you just want to let the professionals handle the work for you, contact M.T. Fence & Deck. We offer a wide range of services to repair and maintain decks, and our staff has experience working with all types of structures made of a wide variety of woods.

If you live in the Nashville, Hermitage, or Murfreesboro, Tennessee area, contact M.T. Fence & Deck today at (931) 394-3400.

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