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Adding a wooden deck to your home remains a popular choice because of its classic look, but homeowners who invest in a wooden deck also are committing themselves to maintenance that is required to keep their deck in shape, and looking good also. Keeping a wooden deck maintained may seem like a commitment, but it is well worth protecting your investment.

Here’s a breakdown of every aspect of proper maintenance of any wooden deck:

Cleaning is the first step in maintaining your wooden deck and should be performed often. Many wood cleaners have harsh chemicals that can harm you if they make contact with your eyes or face. For this reason, MT Fence & Deck recommends using a pump garden sprayer when applying these cleaners. Not only is this safer, but it also ensures a more thorough saturation of the entire surface of the deckā€”both horizontally and vertically.

It may take several different cleaning products to fully clean your deck. Products with a base consisting of a non-chlorine bleach or oxalic acid are best for discoloration and stains, while bleach-based cleaners eliminate mildew, and acid-based cleaners are ideal for treating graying and stains. Never apply a bleach-based cleaner last, as this can make the surface of your deck appear washed-out.

Any scrubbing can be done by hand using a scrub brush or push broom. After the cleaner has set for the recommended amount of time, you must rinse the deck. A pressure washer can be a great tool to complete this rinsing, but beware not using the right pressure, as rinsing at too high a pressure can damage the wood.

Inspection is the next step. Carefully look over the entire surface of your deck for any rough spots that have developed from being exposed to the elements; these rough spots easily can develop splinters. Also, look for any boards that are weak, damaged or failing, as well as any exposed nails. Any problematic nails or boards should be removed and replaced as soon as possible to avoid health risks, safety issues or structural compromise.

Sealing your deck helps protect it from the elements. Once the deck has dried from being cleaned and rinsed, cover any plants, air conditioners and other items on the deck that cannot be removed easily so that they are not damaged by the sealant.

Applying the sealant can be done by hand with brushes or rollers, or applied using a pump sprayer. Avoid using sealants that contain stain, as these are known for not delivering a uniform color across the entire surface.

Make sure to choose a sealant that has ultraviolet sunlight protection. Once the sealant has been applied, hurry to brush the sealant into the crevices of the wood. Speed is a must at this step of the process, as working too slowly can result in an uneven, splotchy finish. To avoid this, we recommend applying sealant to one small area of your wooden deck at a time.

Painting or staining is the final step. Whether you choose to paint or stain is up to the consumer. Many individuals choose a clear or light-colored stain so that the natural beauty of their wood surface is showcased. If you choose to go with paint, be sure to apply a stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer first. Generally speaking, whether you opt for a paint or stain, the best finishes soak into the wood.

A wooden deck looks great but, as you can see, maintaining it can be a lot of work. If you want to eliminate the guesswork and the labor, why not have MT Fence & Deck maintain your deck for you?

Wood Deck Maintenance in Nashville

Our staff has experience working with all kinds of wooden decks and use professional-grade materials and tools to do every job the right way. For more, or to schedule an estimate, call MT Fence & Deck at (931) 224-7186. A member of our courteous and experienced staff will be happy to help.

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