What you Should do Before Building a Deck

what to know before building a deck

what to know before building a deckMurfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

Deciding to add a deck to your home provides a beautiful space that is great for entertaining or relaxing, while also increasing your property value.

Any deck project is a major endeavor that should not be taken lightly and should be done with the proper planning.

Here are some things you should do before beginning to build a deck.

  • Find those fasteners: Older decks become rickety—and potentially dangerous—when the fasteners start to fail. Invest in quality screws and fasteners; look for any made of stainless steel or that are coated specifically for use in pressure-treated wood. Avoid using electroplate-galvanized screws. Consider using hidden fasteners, which hide screw-heads to give your deck a clean, smooth, and simple look.
  • Do your research: Decks can be made of natural wood or composite materials. People love the look of real wood, but composite decks have a longer lifespan and are almost maintenance free. However, there certainly is a significant difference in cost. Be sure to choose the right material based on your budget, keeping in mind that sometimes spending more for a better product saves money in the long run.
  • Stay “level” headed: Does the layout of your property limit the horizontal dimensions of your deck? Consider adding a second level. This provides additional decking space and also can break up having to navigate a long flight of stairs.
  • Safety first: Make sure your deck has the proper amount of railings to cover the entire perimeter. Railings currently are available in glass, metal, vinyl, composite, and cabling. They make your deck safer and also can beautify a deck. A unique choice of railing can enhance the appearance of the structure.
  • Step by step: Wide stairs can be a novel design choice. These stairs can be built to run the width of one or more sides of your deck, providing additional seating and making for a smooth and elegant-looking transition down into the yard.
  • Color choices: Consider extending the color palette of your home to your deck. Today there is a tremendous assortment of stains and decking materials available, making it easier than ever to make your deck match or complement the exterior of your home.
  • Think vertically: Adding an element such as a pergola transforms a deck into a full outdoor living space. It provides extra shade, but also can be used to mount extra features such as speakers, lights, fans, or even hanging plants.
  • Cover the angles: Decks do not have to be square or consist entirely of right angles. Constructing a deck with unusual angles—and even curves—adds drama to your backyard space. 
  • Creature comforts: Advances in technology make it easier than ever to add features such as lighting, sound systems, and fans to a deck to make it a true outdoor living space. It is easier to plan for these features ahead of time, rather than have to accommodate them on a completed deck. You can make the installation easier by hiding wires and attach any mounting structures while constructing the deck.

Deck Construction in Middle Tennessee

We hope you find these tips helpful before embarking on building a deck, but if you want to have all the work done for you, call MT Fence & Deck at (931) 224-7186. We are open year-round and pride ourselves on constructing durable, quality, beautiful decks. Call us to schedule an on-site consultation and estimate, which will be conducted by of our professional team members.

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