3 Things to look for when Hiring a Fence Contractor

hiring fence contractor

hiring fence contractorMurfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

Are you trying to keep a dog in your yard with a simple fence? Maybe you want a privacy fence to keep people from seeing into your yard. No matter the shape, size, color, or type of fence you need, Nashville fence contractors at M.T. Fence & Deck can handle the job. However, you should know what to look for when considering hiring a fencing company. You should also know that you can install your own fence, but it is a tedious, labor-intensive job that can take an extended period of time to finish if you do not have experience doing work of that kind. Meanwhile, a professional fencing company has the training, experience, and professional-grade equipment to complete the work for you. Here are some tried and true rules to consider when looking for the right fencing company to fill your needs.

  1. Do your homework

Ask around for references from people that you know and trust. See if any friends or neighbors that you know have gotten a fence installed recently, and if so, if they would recommend the company they hired. Also, check reviews online to see what others are saying about a particular company. Get multiple estimates. Unlike many home projects, fencing is competitive to the point that many companies will bid against each other for the job. Also, many fencing companies will offer to come out and take the estimate when you aren’t even home, so you won’t have to cut into your schedule to find the best deals. Always get at least three estimates to avoid paying more than necessary.

  1. Make it easier for the fence contractor

When your contractor comes out to give you an estimate, he or she is going to have questions to get an idea of what you want in a fence. For safety concerns, make sure your dogs are not free roaming in the backyard. Consider if you have a pre-existing fence from neighboring property that you wish to connect to. Try to clear any debris like rocks that may be in the way. If the contractor has to clear this debris, it will be added to your cost. Your contractor’s expenses also might change based on the job site’s accessibility. Those are all things your contractor will talk to you about, and they’re things that could change your estimate. Also, find out if your contractor is going to need to pull permits, locate utility lines, be aware of zoning or Homeowner Associations’ regulations, and handle any other hindrances that may arise. All of these things can affect your estimated price.

  1. Is the estimate all-inclusive?

Do a careful review of every estimate you receive. Does the estimate include the hardware and supplies? Does this company offer any warranties? Will issues be addressed such as yard sloping, which will mean adjusting your fence so that it remains even in height all the way through its run? Once you’ve gotten those kinds of details out of the way, don’t forget the question most people think is more important than anything else previously mentioned: how fast can the work be done? Are you going to be the first priority for the fencing company, or waiting all summer for them to get to your project? That can be a deciding factor for most people.

Professional fence installation in Nashville

M.T. Fence & Deck wants you to be totally satisfied with the fence you pay for, so don’t forget the three important steps to finding your ideal fencing company. Start by calling to get multiple estimates, be knowledgeable by asking your contractor questions about warranty, installation timeline, and don’t forget to ask all the questions about your estimate up front. If you live in the Nashville, Hermitage, or Murfreesboro Tennessee area, contact M.T. Fence & Deck today at (931) 224-7186 for all of your fencing needs.

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