5 Myths about Vinyl Fencing

Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

Vinyl has been used as a fence material for years. It can provide a strong enclosure to your property that also is resistant to weathering. There are different styles and colors available, one for just about any budget and taste. While some benefits of vinyl fencing are widely known, there are also are some myths that may have you considering another material for your backyard fence. Nashville area fence installers at M.T. Fence & Deck want to dispel these myths so that you can make the best decision regarding your choice of fencing.

  1. Vinyl fences require too much maintenance

This is a misconception that vinyl fences require a lot of maintenance. Nothing truly could ever be “maintenance-free,” but vinyl fencing is easy to maintain. You simply can keep it looking new by giving it a good cleaning once a year. Use a bucket of water mixed with a household detergent (1:1 ratio of bleach to water), wipe the fence, and spray it off to remove the cleaner, and you’re done! We advise against using a pressure washer to hose off your vinyl fence because it will remove the UV coating.

  1. Vinyl fences fade over time

This is a common misconception that vinyl fences fade with time. That can be true if your fence contractor uses a cheap vinyl. However, fence contractors in Murfreesboro at M.T. Fence & Deck use only top-quality vinyl products for our fences. Also, our vinyl product comes backed with a lifetime warranty that covers the fence if it ever fades or peels.

  1. Vinyl is not eco-friendly

It is easy to assume that vinyl fencing is not eco-friendly because it is a type of plastic containing chemicals. However, the type of vinyl fencing that we use at M.T. Fence & Deck is self-containing, which means that it will not release any chemicals into the environment. Furthermore, choosing vinyl for your fence means that you save trees that otherwise would be used to build a wood fence.

  1. Vinyl fences aren’t as strong of wood or metal

Vinyl fences actually are quite durable in various types of weather, even snow. Since they do not rot or become weak as wood fences can, they tend to stand the test of time. Keep in mind, however, that “Acts of God” like strong winds, tornados, or falling trees could affect the fence, although that would be the case with just about any type of fence if it were in the path of one of these disasters.

  1. Vinyl fences are not customizable

Vinyl fences actually are customizable if you choose to get your fence installed by M.T. Fence & Deck. We offer vinyl in various colors, such as beige, taupe, tan, grey, and white. Want the look of wood but convenience of vinyl? Ask us about our mocha vinyl fencing material that is the color of stained wood, and it even has the look of wood grain.

Vinyl Fence Installation in Nashville

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