Estimating the Cost of a New Privacy Fence

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Many homeowners want a privacy fence for several reasons, to keep either kids or pets contained while enjoying the outdoors, for added security to their property, and for, you guessed it – privacy. One of the deciding factors in choosing what type of privacy fence you build, or determining if you are going to have one built at all, is cost. Your fence builders in Nashville at M. T. Fence and Deck want you to know how to estimate the cost of your new privacy fence. While the exact cost will vary for each project, we encourage you to contact us for an estimate.

HOA and other Zoning Laws

A consideration for the price when building a fence is to check with HOA or zoning laws in your area, which could place height restrictions or state that you must use a certain type of material for your fence. Both the height and material used will determine the overall cost of your new privacy fence. While it is the homeowner’s responsibility to check with their neighborhood HOA, if they have one, we are more than happy to help you decipher the wording if need be.

Mark off Utilities

Call before you dig! It’s one of the most important steps that you can take before installing a privacy fence in Nashville. Local utility companies will come out free of charge to mark any underground utility lines including water or sewer lines, electrical, gas, and cable lines. It’s important to know the location of these utilities, because it may affect the design of your fence. Since the price of a fence is based on linear footage, we may need to build your fence longer or shorter than planned to avoid hitting one of these underground utility lines.


When it comes to building a privacy fence, you can choose vinyl, various types of wood, and composite. Each of these different types of materials come at a cost. Depending on your needs and your ability to maintain your new privacy fence, you should choose a material based on those factors. While pressure treated wood fence is cheaper, they require regular maintenance to prevent warping or rotting. Vinyl and composite fences come with a price but usually are maintenance free other than the occasional cleaning.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

When it comes to installing a fence, you need the necessary equipment, tools, and the time. While installing a privacy fence yourself may seem like you will save money in the long run, you have to consider the cost of renting or purchasing the necessary equipment, plus the time it will take to install the fence. By hiring the pros, your fence not only is backed by a one year warranty, but you just pay us for the job as we bring our own tools and equipment. And, you can use your time for more fun things that you enjoy!

Fence Contractors in Nashville

If you would like to receive a free estimate for a fence, please contact M.T. Fence and Deck by calling (931) 394-3400. We provide fence and decking services to the areas of Mt. Juliet, Nashville, and Murfreesboro in Middle Tennessee.

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