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Adding a privacy fence to your property is a great way to seclude your outdoor space, as well as create a safe area for your children to play. Privacy fences also add security to your property and allow you to let your pets roam leash-free. Whether you plan to install a privacy fence yourself or hire a professional, here are some factors to consider when estimating the cost of your new fence.

Your Middle Tennessee fence and gate experts at MT Fence & Deck encourage you to consider these factors as you plan for your new investment.

Check for HOA or Zoning Laws

Once you have decided that you want a fence installed on your property, the first step after that is to check with your local city or county for any zoning laws. Make sure that you have the proper permission to install your fence before you purchase any materials or sign a contract with a professional fence installer. If you are not sure of your exact property lines, have it surveyed before any work begins. Also, if you live in a neighborhood, check with your Homeowner’s Association to see what regulations or restrictions apply when installing a fence around your property. You may be limited on the height, location, or type of materials you are allowed to use. Be sure that you obtain proper approvals, if necessary, before installing your fence.

Mark Off Utilities

Be sure that you mark off any underground utilities. This includes any buried water, gas, or electrical lines. Also, be sure to note the location of an underground sprinkler or irrigation or drainage systems. The purpose of this preliminary work is to prevent damage and cost for repairs as you dig. If you were to strike one of these objects underground, you could run the risk of damaging the line or even causing an explosion if you are dealing with underground gas pipes. Call 811 before you dig to contact your local utility companies.

Determine Area and Grading

Now that you’ve got the proper approvals, you can move forward with the planning part of your fence installation. If your property slopes in the area where you fence is to be installed, you will need to determine the grade. Each post will need to be set in a hole that is at least three-feet deep, and set in concrete for added stability. If your property is completely level, you may have an easier time installing your fence. Either way, you will need to map out and measure the area where you want your fence to be installed. These calculations will help you determine the exact amount of materials needed.

Get Materials

Now comes the fun part – selecting your materials. For a privacy fence, popular materials range from different types of wood such as pine or cedar to vinyl, which is known to be lower maintenance than its wood counterparts. It is up to you, and your budget as to what type of materials you will need. Consider longevity, as well as up-keep required when choosing your materials.

DIY or Hire a Pro?

When it comes to installing your own fence, you will certainly save a good bit of money. However, many homeowners simply do not have the time nor the know-how to install their own fence. Plus, in most cases people want their fence installed quickly. Remember, this type of DIY project will likely take the average DIYer longer than it would a team of professionals. If you don’t already have the necessary tools, you may want to consider adding in the cost of tools into your overall budget. In some cases, you just may want to consider hiring professionals to install your fence and spare the time and frustration you may experience doing it yourself.

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