Tips To Consider When Choosing A Fence For Your Dog

choosing a fence for your dog

choosing a fence for your dogMurfreesboro, Mt. Juliet and Franklin, TN

Pet owners often desire a fence to keep their dog, or other fur babies, safe while still maintaining the beauty and style of their landscape. If you are considering a fence installation, keep these tips in mind first.

Size matters

The size of your pet will determine the style and type of fence that you choose. A small dog may easily escape through a fence with large posts and gaps, which could even cause them injury should they become stuck. To prevent pet escapes, you could choose a vinyl or aluminum fence with proper spacing between pickets. If you have a larger dog, the height of your fence is of importance. Be sure to choose a fence that is tall enough for your pet not to jump over.

Pets are smarter than you think

Don’t be fooled into thinking your dog relies on you for learning new skills. In fact, many pets often teach themselves tricks, even surprising their owners. Pets can learn how to open doors, even a gate. It may be a good idea to choose a fence with a child-safe gate option, which will prevent your pet from escaping.

Same old dog, same old tricks

If you already have a fence that your Houdini pet has mastered his or her way out of, consider a different type of fence that is unfamiliar to your pet. If a passerby entices your pet to try and escape, a stockade fence will block your dog’s view. Bottom line, if your pet is already accustom to escaping its usual confinements, change it up a bit and go with something different this time.


Maintaining a fence can be a daunting task, especially if you consistently have to repair areas that your dog has damaged, which is more likely to occur with a wooden fence. If this is the case for your pet, vinyl or aluminum fencing is less likely to be destroyed.

Size of area to be fenced

Once you determine the type of fence and the right size that you prefer, decide how much of your landscape needs to be fenced. Some homeowners choose to fence in their entire backyard while others may only want a specific area designated for their pet.

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