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Vinyl fencing has risen in popularity over the last couple of decades. Why wouldn’t it? Vinyl fencing is durable, requires less maintenance than wood, and comes in nearly any color or size. Vinyl fences can last up to 30 years, but this type of fencing still needs some level of care. Middle Tennessee fence contractors at M.T. Fence & Deck have some professional advice with these five tips for keeping your vinyl fence both appealing and structurally sound.

  1. Be careful when gardening, mowing, or weed eating

PVC, otherwise known as vinyl, fences are hardy. They can, however, be cracked, chipped or even break if you’re not careful. The biggest culprit for vinyl fence damage is lawn equipment like mowers and weed eaters. In addition to the risk of striking the fence directly, lawnmowers and weed eaters can shoot small yard debris like bullets at your vinyl fence, damaging it. A simple solution: always double-check your yard for anything that could become a projectile before mowing. Another solution is to never use heavy machinery near your vinyl fence—that means no weed whackers, lawnmowers, or electric trimmers. If you’re wondering how to keep weeds and grass off of your fence without using yard tools, then you should consider installing some decorative rocks, mulch, or a garden row. Some people even opt for applying a small line of grass or weed killer just at their fence line.

  1. Repair leaning posts

A fence is only as strong as the posts that hold it. Once your posts begin leaning or becoming loose, the entire structure will lean as well. This may never happen to you, but if you’ve noticed any pots or yard fixtures have started tilting to the side, then check your fence posts. The most common reason for leaning posts is soil erosion. Checking the areas of your fence near gates is the best way to see if erosion is getting the better of your fence. Gates are the heaviest on the posts and will usually show signs of leaning first due to all of the extra weight and their frequent use. This can be remedied. Fence installers in Nashville like the ones at M.T. Fence & Deck can reinforce your fence posts if they are being affected by erosion.

  1. Avoid invasive plants

We’ve all seen charming fairytale homes with vines growing up fences. They can add a mystical beauty to your yard, but vinyl fence owners need to be wary; certain species of vines are heavy enough to pull down a fence. Other types of vines will grow between slats, which can quickly destroy even a brand-new fence. A simple way to know which plants are suitable is to look for flowering, lightweight vines. Honeysuckle, for instance, will add charm and produce a refreshing aroma while it doesn’t damage your property. If you’re still concerned about which type of plants are safe, contact us. We can steer you in the direction of lightweight, vinyl-fence-friendly vines.

  1. Fences are for climbing

You may have purchased your fence solely to keep your pets and children safe. We understand that. However, children climbing on or over the fence can damage your vinyl fence—as can a pet digging holes under your fence. Some pets can be deterred from digging if you place tent stakes at the edge of the fence. As for your children, sit them down and talk about only using doors or gates to exit or enter the fenced area. It also couldn’t hurt, if your children are too small, to move any climbing aids (chairs, planters, or wood piles) away from the fence. Vinyl fences are very susceptible to damage if this type of abuse continues for some time.

  1. Clean your fence

Vinyl fences have so much appeal because they don’t require excessive staining or maintenance. Still, you should take time to clean them with your garden hose periodically. If you have areas that suffer from more stubborn debris or stains, mild dish soap and a rag usually will do the trick. Washing your fence may not seem like a priority, but it will keep your fence looking newer for longer. It also will give you a chance to check individual sections and find any minor issues before they compromise the structural integrity of your fence.

Vinyl Fence Installers in Nashville

No matter what type of fence you have, there is nothing wrong with wanting to ensure your property investment still is maintaining its curb appeal and value. M.T. Fence & Deck is here to help. We offer fence installation services as well as repair. Contact us today at (931) 224-7186 for all of your fencing needs if you live in the Murfreesboro, Hermitage, and Nashville areas of Tennessee.

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