All fence companies are NOT the same.

A Murfreesboro homeowner hired a local home center to install their PVC fence. After paying $35 for an estimate the fence took over two weeks to build. When they home center installer hit rock, they asked the homeowner to go rent a jackhammer. When he didn’t, they only dug the post holes (the foundation of the fence) about 6″ deep (instead of 2 feet.) This caused the fence to lean and sway. It looked so bad that the homeowner had them remove it and cancel the order…before it was even completed. This story gets repeated every year. Read on to find out what you should and should not look for when embarking upon your fencing project.

You’ll never regret doing it right the first time!

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Before You Buy a Fence, Ask These Important Questions:

About Sales:

Do they offer free estimates?

We will come out and custom quote your project free of charge. Even if you are doing it yourself and only want materials. We will figure up the job and order the material for you so you know you will have everything you need to install your new fence. Or we will take care of the whole project for you. We give you one price to pay and that is all you will pay. Unless of course you decide to hire us to do that deck you have always wanted after we finish your new fence.

Will they sell you something you do not need?

There are never any high-pressure sales tactics with us. We have been in the fencing business for a long time and we will be able to give you solid advice on every aspect of your project. Each fence is different and unique. We try never to sell you something that will not work for your needs. You can’t fence in a 150lbs of guard dog with a 4′ tall picket fence.

Actually, if you are trying to fence in a large dog a four rail wood fence with wire is a good option. However if you have a dog that does not want to be fenced in…there is no fence that will keep them in! For all you cat lovers out there we have found over the years as with a dog if the cat wants out of the yard good luck keeping them in. However a PVC privacy fence seems to be the best option, the material helps prevent them from getting a good enough grip to climb out.

Some companies will make claims about their products that simply aren’t true in an effort to gain your business. Ask to see samples! This is very important when you decide upon a PVC/Vinyl or an aluminum fence.


Do they guarantee their work?

All of our fences come with a one-year workmanship warranty. PVC & aluminum fences have lifetime manufacturer’s warranties on materials.

Do they charge a rock fee?

I’m not sure if you have looked around at Middle Tennessee lately but it sits upon solid ground. That ground is made up of rock. Some fence companies charge you a fee for having to bust through rock or they do not set the post deep enough. It takes equipment and time to bust through rock. However if you do not set your post deep enough your fence will begin to lean. Putting fences up in middle Tennessee means dealing with rock. We have decided to make peace with the rock. After all it does make for a solid foundation to build upon. We do not charge an extra fee for rock.

Make sure they will set the post deep enough and not set it short because of rock! We set our post 2′ deep whenever possible. If you try to shorten that your post can begin to lean. We simply do not want our name plate or our name associated with a fence that leans over therefore we set our post down deep in the solid ground.


What kind of materials are they using?

We’ve seen this time and time again. Some material is inferior to other material in most all styles of fence. Chain link is regulated to a standard so when you buy chain link you usually get the same material everywhere. However wood, PVC, and aluminum is a different story.

Some PVC sold is a lighter-weight PVC. We’ve seen several prefabricated panel fences installed around that have entire pickets broken off. Some companies use wood inside the PVC posts to stiffen them┬ásince the PVC material isn’t as sturdy. Ask to see samples of the fence before you buy!

Some inferior PVC/aluminum panels sold at home centers are usually fixed and not “rackable”, meaning that they can’t be angled to follow the contour of the ground. If your lot is flat, you don’t have small children or pets, or if you don’t mind gaps under your fence, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Ask about the rackability and if the fence will follow the contour of the ground before you buy!

We look around all the time for the best wood. Wood can be vastly different depending upon where you purchase it from. We purchase our wood from local lumber yards and wholesalers always looking for the best wood at the best prices so we can pass that along to our customers. Some lumber is just too knotty to be a good post or your boards are so wet when you hang them that they warp as they dry.


Are they a legitimate company?

MT Fence & Deck has been in Middle Tennessee since 1980. We are fully licensed (Home Improvement Contractor License #00006409) and insured. In the spring you will see many fencing companies pop up. Be very careful who you hire to install your fence. If the company is not licensed and insured and someone gets hurt on your property you could be held liable. Ask if the company is insured. If a fence company tears something up, such as a septic pipe, and then disappears you could be left with a bill in the thousands of dollars.

How do they want to be paid?

We ask for a 50% down payment and the balance upon completion. The 50% down payment goes towards material for the job, this down payment will NOT cover the entire cost of the materials. The down payment protects us from customers ordering large fence orders and then changing their minds. We do not collect the remainder until you are 100% satisfied. All fence jobs are custom and unique. Generally, jobs under $500 and/or repairs require no down payment.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, cash & check.

Are they an ethical company?

We are!

We will not try to sell you something you do not need or cannot afford. We show up when we say we will and give a great service at a great price. We will not tell you we can do something we cannot or that we will do something that we will not do.

Some companies will cut cost by paying a low wage to installers. We do not do this. We have employees and subcontractors and we feel like they are part of our family and we hope they feel the same.

We are a family owned and operated company on a mission. Our kids and dogs play safely in our yard and we spend many evening hours with friends and family on our patio. We want to help you improve the value of your home while increasing the safety for your family and pets.

We would love to have your business but, most of all, we want to make sure that you know what to look for and what to ask when it comes to fencing. We get many calls from customers who need repairs because the install was done incorrectly or the materials were inferior.

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