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Murfreesboro, Mt. Juliet, and Franklin, TN

Your gate is one of the most the most used part of your fence. There are important facts to know about any type of gate; aluminum, chain link, vinyl, wood and commercial.

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Aluminum Gates

Aluminum GatesNot all aluminum is made the same, this is especially true for Aluminum Gates. The aluminum fence we install comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty against defect and reinforced gates. Although this does not cover wear and tear, in most cases the hardware on the gate will be the only thing you will ever need to replace.

One key difference between what we install and what others install are our reinforced gates. Some of our competitors will install what is essentially a fence panel turned into a gate. These gates will not stand up to the daily wear and tear a gate receives.

Our gates are reinforced aluminum to stand up to the daily grind some fence gates receive. Reinforced gates are far superior.

Vinyl Gates

Vinyl Gate Installs

As with aluminum, not all vinyl is created the same. Most vinyl gates are square or rectangular and cannot be “racked” or sloped to fit the ground.

Our vinyl gates can be made to slope with the ground. This is extremely important if you are the owner of small dogs or have a puppy.
Make sure you ask your sales representative about your vinyl gate.

Wood Gates

Wooden Fence GatesWood gates are prone to sagging and warping. The extra wear and tear on your wood gate can shorten the life span of the gate by half.

The most important thing you can do for your wood gate is to get a steel frame installed. These frames are made to fit your gate and help keep the gate from sagging.

Nothing can prevent it totally, however, this will lengthen the lifespan of your gate.

Chain Link Gates

Chain Link Fence GateChain link is probably the least problematic of the gates. Chain link is made to certain specifications and can easily handle the wear and tear dished out on a daily basis.

However, the gate is still the most used part of your fence and will wear out first.

Commercial Gates

commercial fence gatesWe have installed many different types of gates. From Jack Daniels to Bridgestone we can handle any gate your specifications call for.