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To prolong the life of a wooden fence, it is important to take appropriate action for the type of material that you have. The maintenance efforts you use will depend on your fence material. Cedar requires much less maintenance than pine. Here is what you need to know about properly maintaining your wooden fence.


Some of the alternatives that may be used in finishing treatments for pine wood fence include paint, stain, and waterproofing sealer. However, we advise against painting a wood fence as the paint actually traps moisture in between the wood and will rot it quicker, even the new paint they have for decks is not holding up well.

Regardless, these treatments should be applied after cleaning the fence using a brightener or cleaner containing mildewcide.

To properly clean your wooden fence, use a pressure washer with 1,500-2,000 pounds per square inch. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly before applying the stain or waterproofing sealer.

Staining is for providing a long-lasting finish coat while at the same time maintaining the pine wood’s natural look or creating the color you desire.

Waterproofing sealer enables the prevention of moisture and rain against soaking into the pine wood.

Wood fences are prone to damages due to the changing weather conditions. Thus, the maintenance plan of pine wood fence should be geared to overcoming the problems caused by loss and absorption of water, as well as UV discoloration and mildew growth. It is important to reapply cleaner and finish again using stain, paint, and water sealer each year.


Cedar wood does not have to be maintained as often as pine. Typically, a good pressure washing once every few years, and a new coat of sealant is all it takes to keep your cedar fence looking beautiful. If you wish to change the color of your cedar fence, you can apply a stain before the sealant layer.

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