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A fence can be an ideal method of creating privacy, security, or aesthetics to your property. Wood fences have long since been popular choices for many home and business owners. However, wood tends to require regular maintenance and upkeep that is too timely and labor intensive for property owners.

Now, you can have the look of wood fencing, but without all the hassle. Homeland Vinyl Products offers a mocha walnut color of vinyl fencing that looks just like real wood but is maintenance-free, and lasts a lifetime.

Advantages of Homeland vinyl fence vs. Traditional wooden fence

A traditional wooden fence serves the purpose of creating security or privacy on your property. However, it often requires regular maintenance such as staining or painting, and the occasional need to replace damaged boards. If not properly maintained, the wood will begin to peel, twist, rot, and fade. Eventually, a wooden fence has to be replaced.

With Homeland’s vinyl fence, it has a lifetime warranty and is guaranteed never to have the problems that wooden fence incur.

Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc., offers a patented vinyl fencing material that is not affected by water or insects and will not rot or mildew. It will never peel, crack, twist, corrode or blister. In fact, it will always look as good as new. With the mocha walnut color, your vinyl fence will look like a wooden fence, but without the hassle of ongoing maintenance.

What makes Homeland Vinyl Fence products different?

To consumers, vinyl fencing may seem the same. However, fencing material by Homeland is uniquely designed using their special ACCU-Shield formulation that protects it from damage caused by UV rays, especially oxidation. Other vinyl products cannot claim this guarantee.

Does Homeland offer different styles for fence options?

Yes! In fact, there are 12 different styles you can choose from, including:

  • Solid privacy vinyl fence
  • Closed vinyl
  • Solid privacy fence with lattice top
  • Commercial scalloped vinyl picket
  • Custom vinyl crossbuck fence
  • Straight picket vinyl fence
  • Vinyl pool fence
  • Three-rail vinyl horse fence
  • Residential three-rail vinyl fence
  • Vinyl privacy fence with lattice top
  • Scalloped vinyl picket fence
  • Semi-private vinyl fence

How should I clean my Homeland Vinyl Fence?

Your fence may occasionally accumulate loose dirt from wind and rain. To clean, wash with a mild soap, and rinse. Cleaning agents are not recommended unless you first test the cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the fence to determine if it will cause any damage.

Can I paint my Homeland vinyl fence?

The fence material cannot be painted. The mocha walnut color will resemble the look of real wood with natural-looking wood grain. However, Homeland does offer six other colors if you wish to have a different look other than wood.

Does Homeland offer a warranty?

Yes. There is a lifetime warranty that guarantees the fence material will not succumb to weathering, unlike wood fences. The warranty applies to the original property owner. Specifics about the warranty can be obtained from MT Fence & Deck, an authorized dealer of Homeland Vinyl Fence.

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