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Keeping Your Animals Safe

The number-one cause of canine emergencies is automobile accidents. The majority of dogs hit by cars are running loose. Many dogs are run over by their owners as they pull into and out of their driveways. Putting up a fence enclosure will help prevent such an unnecessary tragedy.

If you are like us, you have a dog…or two. Fencing your backyard provides a safe place for your dog to run and enjoy the outdoors. It not only protects your pet but protects others as well.

Give your fence thought if it is for an pet. If you have a very small dog or a cat which might spend time in the backyard and you are interested in aluminum fencing, a double picket style, with only 1 3/4″ spacing, may be the answer. If your dog is aggressive, likes to bark at anyone/anything passing by or is very protective/territorial, a privacy fence might be your best option. If your dog is very large or likes to climb, a taller fence might be necessary. We have a large dog and have a four rail wood fence with wire on the inside, seems to be working well.

If you are getting an aluminum fence you can order double pickets or temporary puppy panels.

Dog Bites:

Maybe you’ve thought about invisible fencing. That might work fine for keeping your dog in but what about keeping people and other animals out? There is a dog bite epidemic in the United States.

There are almost 5 million victims annually — about 2% of the entire population. 800,000 need medical attention. 1,000 per day need treatment in hospital emergency rooms. The annual human death count in the USA is over 30.

Most of the victims who receive medical attention are children, half of whom are bitten in the face. Over 50 percent of dog bites occur on the dog owner’s property. Almost 800,000 bites per year — one out of every 6 — are serious enough to require medical attention. Dog bites send nearly 368,000 victims to hospital emergency departments per year (1,008 per day).

An American has a one in 50 chance of being bitten by a dog each year. In 2007, there were 32 fatal dog attacks in the USA. Three of these happened right here in Tennessee.

A fence enclosure will keep your family members safe, both dog and human alike.

Digging Dogs

There are many reasons your dog digs in the yard. Your dog could be just bored, or they could be digging in the dirt because the dirt is cool on a hot day. They could be escape motivated or they may be keeping their favorite toy safe from other predators! If your dog likes to dig there are a few ways to deter him but it helps to understand why he is digging.

If he is digging for comfort, help keep him cool/warm with an insulated dog house. A small wading pool is perfect to beat the summer heat. A nice soft bed/blanket to lay on helps with some comfort also.

If your dog is digging to bury her bones/treats try not to give them any treats they will not finish right away. If you dog is digging for fun or out of boredom you will know by the random holes all over your yard! One way to help in both of these cases is to train the dog to dig in one acceptable area. If they are digging after moles/prey then you will likely have a hard time breaking them. Hunting is an ingrained and acceptable practice for a dog. Try getting rid of all the critters the dog might like to dig after. If you need a pest removal service call a pest removal service in your local area.

You can try to sprinkle pepper or you can pick up a special spray at the Vets/Wal-mart that you can use on the area they like to dig in. When they go to digging they get a nose full of bad smells!

What NOT to Do

Do not take your dog to an area where she previously dug a hole and scold, spank or punish her after-the-fact. Your dog can’t connect punishment with something she did hours or even minutes ago. Delayed punishment won’t succeed in stopping your dog from digging later-but you could frighten and upset her unnecessarily.

Do not fill one of your dog’s holes with water and hold her head under the water for any length of time. This outdated and inhumane procedure won’t solve your digging problems, and it could cause other, worse behavior problems.

Do not fill the hole with the dogs feces. This will not work and will only cause the dog to dig a hole in another area.

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