Pool Safety Tips for this Summer

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Getting a pool installed in your backyard can add lots of pleasure and enjoyment for your entire family, as well as friends. However, keeping everyone safe is of top priority especially when you have a pool. After all, drowning deaths do happen and are more likely among children ages one to four. In fact, a person can drown in as little as two inches of water. To prevent this type of disaster, your fence experts at Mid Tenn Fencing would like to offer some safety tips for this summer.


While drowning is a top safety concern when you have a pool, slips and falls could also result in significant injury. Most people prefer some type of decking around their pool so that guests can lounge on chairs and keep an eye out on the ones that are swimming. Once you have a pool deck installed at your home in Nashville, be sure you add a non-slip coating to protect others from falling. When Mid Tenn Fencing installs a pool deck, we ensure the deck is level and does not lead to sloping areas where water can pool and cause a slick surface.

Add a Barrier

One of the most popular barriers for pools or pool areas is to add a fence. We recommend a pool fence be at least four feet high or higher, if your Homeowners Association allows it, to prevent children from gaining access to the pool. Also, install a properly functioning gate that can only be operated by an adult to keep children from opening the gate when you are not around. We recommend adding a gate alarm so that it will sound should your child or someone gain access to your pool area without your knowledge. Also, for added security, the pool fence should be totally separated from your house. While you may have a fence outlining the perimeter of your lawn, a separate fence should be around your pool to ensure children do not fall in or attempt to swim unattended.

Educate your Children about Pool Safety

Be sure your children understand they are not allowed to go swimming or even be in the pool area without adult supervision. They need to understand the risks of not following this life-saving rule. It is always ideal to teach your children how to swim while they are young. This way, should they accidentally fall into a pool without an adult around, they will know how to climb out or even float while yelling for help. If you own a pool, everyone in the family should learn CPR in the event it is needed to rescue a family member or friend that is swimming at your pool. Always have a phone near you while out at the pool in case you need to call for emergency assistance.

Pool decks and fences in Nashville

Enjoying time around the pool should be fun, not stressful. At Mid Tenn Fencing we can help take the stress out of your summer by building a safe and secure perimeter around your outdoor pool. For a free quote, contact our office by calling (931) 394-3400. We provide fence and decking services to the areas of Mt. Juliet, Nashville, and Murfreesboro in Middle Tennessee.

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