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When you start on your wooden fence project, you should consider the style of your house, the style of landscaping, and the reason you are installing the fence. There are as many reasons for installing a fence as there are styles of fences

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Solid wooden fences can provide security for family and pets while also allowing for a solid backdrop for plantings. The airier wood fence designs (e.g., split-rail fence and picket-style wooden fences) can serve either as natural barriers, foregrounds or backgrounds for planting beds. We recommend a steel frame for all our wooden gates. This frame will help keep your gate from sagging.

Wood fences come with NO warranty on materials. There is a 1-year warranty on all workmanship however, there is no way to warranty wood. Wood fencing will twist, warp and crack. A wood fence will eventually turn a gray color, unless you decide to stain it. There are many different colors available. We would be glad to stain or seal your fence for you, just give us a call. Most privacy fences you see will be made of treated pine dog-eared boards, however, there are many different styles. There is a shadow box if you wish to have a little more air come through the fence or you can add accents to the top of your privacy fence. A cap and trim has a top board added to it.

Pine boards come pressure treated to help with rot and bugs, however, this does nothing to keep it from warping, twisting and cracking. You can get a western red cedar fence that will resist it better, however, nothing will stop it if it is going to happen. When the wood dries out it contracts. When it gets wet and moisture gets in it expands. This will cause it to warp, twist and crack. The best way to help minimize this is to seal your wood fence at minimum once a year. This helps prevent moisture from sinking into the wood.


Maintenance for your wood fence is very important. You need to seal your fence at least once a year. You can also stain your fence many different shades of color. We recommend NOT painting your wood fence or deck as this will hold the moisture inside and will rot the fence or deck out sooner.

Wooden Fences Murfreesboro after cleaning

You can pressure wash your fence or deck once or twice a year before sealing. Remember to be sure to be very careful not to harm the wood with the high-pressure stream, if you get too close to the wood with the nozzle or stream of water it can harm the wood.

If your not sure about it hire us to do it for you. We clean, stain and seal wood fences, pergolas and decks. The only thing we do not do is paint them. Call us today for a free quote: (931) 224-7186 or you can email us for an online quote.

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